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Why Your Friends Are Moving To Doha

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When exploring the Doha lifestyle, there’s always something new about the city or happening in the city and that’s a fact.The best part are the new developments in Doha that are creating a sense of community, culture, and establishing new and traditional roots. More and more expatriates are living in Doha each year, and 76% of expats in Qatar received more disposable income than they would have in their home country. Clearly, life in Doha is desirable. 

Qatar is undoubtedly attracting talent, professionals, and families from countries around the World. We’re here to give you some insight on the why – why your friends are moving to Doha for 2018, and a few of the perks.

Same Job. Higher Salary. No Income Tax

In Qatar’s job market, things are mostly bright. While everyone back home goes head to head using resumes as ammunition, Doha says hello. You’ll work the same job, with better perks, in one of the safest countries in the World.


Qatar has been in a constant state of growth – just look at the West Bay skyline as an example, the changes its undergone in the past decade is astonishing! It doesn’t end there, life in Doha has been on an incline – with steady social, cultural, and economic upgrades and improvements. Last year, Qatar waived Entry Visa Requirements for 80 countries, welcoming the World to take part in its growth.

Investment in Youth

Qatar’s secondary education options include NorthWestern University Qatar, Georgetown University Qatar, Qatar University, and more. Education City is on the outskirts of Doha in Al Rayyan, a beautiful family oriented community.

Real Estate Can Be Yours

Qatar’s real estate ministry is introducing new legislation in 2018 to permit non citizens, or expatriates, to own property. Of course, there will be restrictions which may or may not become more lenient as time goes on, but in the meantime, this is a huge deal for the real estate sector and Qatar’s economy as a whole. From your perspective, it opens up the opportunity for you to build a life, start a family, and call Qatar your permanent home.

Because It’s Fun

What to do in Doha is a tough question because there are always so many options. Let’s look ahead to Fifa 2022. Can you imagine the lead up to this event? Take a step back to 2017, here are some of the biggest events that made noise in Doha:

  • First Shop Qatar Festival – Qatar’s biggest shopping event launched in 2017. It’s a month long event with entertainment, giveaways, and steep discounts. Here’s a few things you missed:
    1. Doha Comedy Festival at QNCC
    2. Broadway Musical ‘CATS’ at QNCC
    3. Prize and cash giveaways worth QR 1,000,000
    4. Notable appearances by Trevor Noah and talent from around the World
    5. The African Circus at Hyatt Plaza
    6. Fashion Show Piazzo at Lagoona Mall
  • National Sports Day 2017 – One of the main attractions of this event last year was the Drone Air Show at Katara Cultural Village. Check out the video below:

Qatar is making waves and Doha is at the centre of it all. Chances are, when you land a job in Qatar it will be in or around Doha where all the excitement lives. All in all, Qatar offers expatriates a life they could only dream of back home and they’re loving it. Enjoy your stay, build a life, be an adventurer.

Find out more about Life in Doha through our Neighborhood Guide – an in depth look at your new lifestyle. Read about what to expect in Doha, what your new lifestyle will look like, check out nearby hotels and restaurants, and go over our Doha tips. Welcome to the good life!

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