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Getting around in Doha is not all that hard – outside of rush hour that is! The beauty of Qatar’s Ring Roads is they take you literally almost everywhere, in a circle, around the city. Living in Qatar is made super simple when you know your way around. Here’s number 3 in the city, what you’ll find on D Ring Road, restaurants, schools, necessities, and more. For more neighbourhoods, visit our Doha City Guide.

As one of the shorter ring roads, D-Ring Road still has lots to offer. D-Ring was once one of the most popular of its kind, having been so close to Doha International Airport. Since its closure, and the grand opening of Hamad International Airport, D-Ring has never been the same, but has moved on none-the-less. D-Ring Road was also once a much longer stretch of concrete, but has been transformed into Doha Expressway. This has relieved tons of pressure on traffic from D-Ring and made commuting a bit more pleasant for travellers. So currently, D-Ring is presented in its new perimeter stretching from Doha Expressway to Airport Road.

Which Neighbourhoods Are Around D-Ring?

Nearby neighbourhoods include Fareej Bin Ali, Nuaija, Old Airport, Al Salata, Al Hilal West, and Al Hilal East. We’ll be covering these neighbourhoods in our Doha City Guide, so check back soon!

Shopping Near D-Ring Road

D-Ring Road is relatively south of Doha’s downtown core, and is home to one of Doha’s first shopping malls conveniently named The Mall. There are also two major supermarkets on this road, which we’ll cover below.

Shopping in D-Ring Road

The Mall

This shopping centre is known for good deals, and a calm, relaxing ambiance. It carries a 4.1 rating on Google, with over 2,500 reviews – not too shabby. You won’t find too much luxury here and the selection is quite limited, but you can grab a quick bite or coffee with friends or family. There’s also a relatively popular cinema that showcases Arabic, Asian, and English films. The Mall is open between 10am and 11pm and you can reach guest services at +974 4467 8888.

Family Food Centre

Located at the south east corner of D-Ring Road and Airport Road, this supermarket has a 4.1 Google rating out of almost 2,000 reviews. Open from 730am to 1145pm and can be contacted at +974 4462 2456.

Lulu Hypermarket

A popular hypermarket in Qatar, Lulu carries just about everything you may need for your home, from small appliances, to meat and groceries. Conveniently open from 8am to 12am, this hypermarket has received a 4.2 rating out of over 7,000 reviews. Give them a call at +974 4466 7780.

Lulu in D-Ring Road

What to Eat Near D-Ring Road

Doha is known for its dining scene, although D-Ring doesn’t necessarily contribute to that ideal, you can still find a bite to eat nearby. Here are 3 of the most popular eateries in the area.


A worldwide late night food chain, Chili’s is known for its casual dining experience. Having received a 3.8 rating on Google out of 169 reviews, this particular location is known for its good hygiene and hospitality. Make your reservation at +974 4466 0663 – open from 11am to 1am.

Chili Food Chain in D-Ring Road

Biella at The Mall

An Italian eatery known for it’s delicious pasta and pizza dishes. Word is, this cafe has reasonable prices and a nice terrace. Biella has a 4.1 rating on Google out of 115 reviews. Reach them at +974 4467 7732, open from 10am to 12am.

Kakori House Qatar

A family friendly eatery with some mixed reviews. Many claim this restaurant has the softest and most delicious kabobs in town, while others are not as impressed. This is reflected in their 3.7 star rating on Google with just over 200 reviews. Some items are said to be overpriced, however everyone can agree that the ambiance is quite nice. If you’d like to put an end to the debate, you can make reservations at +974 4472 3939. Open from 8am to 12am.

Good to Know

Although paying your utilities online has become widely available, sometimes you have to walk-in to make important changes to your account. In the same way, as beautiful as Doha city is, sometimes you need some greenery to keep the peace. In brief, here are a few places to keep in mind.

Bill Payment in D-Ring Road


This is your government branch for water and electricity. Although no one likes to make these mundane trips, you may find it unavoidable at times. Having received a 3 star Google rating from 40 reviews, here are a few tips to make your visit a little more enjoyable. Keep in mind they stop serving arriving customers sometimes as long as 2 hours before closing. Having said that, getting there early may not always help as mornings are described as ‘packed’. Keep a snack and water bottle handy for the long wait, after all, when you expect it, it’s not so bad. Open from 7am to 2pm.

Busamra Park

This park is rated 4 stars on Google with over 100 reviews – pretty good! There’s a 0.35km jogging path, restroom, water fountain, and small children’s playground. Provided that this park is for family groups only, singles will not be allowed to enter. The park is open 24 hours, no pets allowed, as well as no football or other major sports.

Busamra Park

Al Khulaifat Park

Similar to Busamra, this park is for family use only, although the playground area is reserved for women and children under 8 years of age. Open from 3pm to 1030pm, you can contact the park staff at +974 3147 1184. Lastly, this park has received a 4.1 rating on Google with over 100 reviews – pretty good!

A Little Fun

There are a ton of new and unique ways to have fun in the city! D-Ring Road is home to 2 of the most popular Adventure Room experiences in Qatar. Check them out:

Adventure Rooms Qatar

Known for it’s family friendly and team building experiences, Adventure Rooms Qatar has received a 4.3 Google rating with over 100 reviews. Pro tip: Don’t just drop in, the waiting area is a tad small, instead give them a call at +974 7050 0139 and make your reservation.

Escapeology: Escape Rooms Qatar

By the same token, Escapeoplogy offers different adventure themed rooms and received a 4.7 Google rating from 12 reviews. 3 different escape rooms are run by friendly staff. Open from 2pm to 1130pm, reserve your room at +974 3132 3007.

All in all, D-Ring Road is short but there’s lots to do! It’s not your most luxurious part of Qatar, but it definitely serves a purpose and has its perks. Have we missed a noteworthy mention? Let us know in the comments below and help us help others know their way around this beautiful city!

Learn more about the city in our Doha City Guide. Not only do we bring all the best listings under one room – click here for rentals and here for buys – but our blog covers everything everything you’ll need to know about Qatar! Thanks for stopping by!

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