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Ain Khaled (Arabic: عين خالد‎, romanized: ‘Ayn Khālid) is a district in the municipality of Al Rayyan in Qatar Found on the outskirts of the capital city Doha, the area is historically known for its well which served the people of Doha and neighboring villages.

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Luxury Condos, Waterfront Properties, Elevated Train, Lgbtqia Friendly, Single Family Homes, Waterfront Parks, Historical Walks, Modern Art, Museums, Schools, Unique Architecture

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Ain Khaled:
The first word in the district's name, "Ain", is an Arabic word reserved for natural underground water sources. Formerly, the district was known as "Ain Al Seneem", with "Al Seneem" being the name of a local well. However, the district's name was later changed to "Ain Khaled", in honor of a respected local who went by that name.