Welcome to Al Erkyah City

Al Erkyah City is about providing a better tomorrow, founded on the needs of today. This truly is a unique project. Architects, designers, and wellbeing experts have come together with the sole intention to create the healthiest and most beneficial environment possible.

Key Details

Luxury Condos, Waterfront Properties, Elevated Train, Lgbtqia Friendly, Single Family Homes, Waterfront Parks, Historical Walks, Modern Art, Museums, Schools, Unique Architecture

Around The Block

Al Erkyah City:
The City’s unique beauty lies in its surroundings: encircled by the Stadium District, golf course, and waterfront, the neighborhood is also near the principal entertainment zones. Its innovative design and architecture is centered on the concept of wellness and sustainability, improving the lives of its residents as well as visitors. Retaining contentment and security at its heart, this vibrant, smart city sets new standards for a healthy lifestyle. Sustainable living is quintessential to Al Erkyah City.