End your cravings, just in minutes!

Don’t you feel hungry and crave for some appetizing and flavoursome cuisine sometimes? When the cosiness of the home can’t be left and cooking seems not a preference? Ordering through a specific restaurant gets as a whole hassle and trouble pokes in while searching restaurants near you ? then the best option that’s able to get you through are the food delivery apps which you access easily, get a good comparison in restaurants, order and munch your meal in a matter of minutes!

Doha, the bustling capital of Qatar has to take care of all the expats and their locals residing there and so of their appetite. Thus, it boasts really efficient and up to date food delivery apps that eat up your cravings in the nick of time!

It comprises a lot of international and local food delivery apps, but the top 5 are as followed:


Talabat is the largest online food delivery company in the Middle East, operating around 7 countries in the GCC, It is a really effective online food ordering service in Doha, Qatar, where you can not only search restaurants in your vicinity but you can also get the detail of their menu, prices etc. It also offer filters which you can choose by cuisine, minimum order amount, ratings, and fastest delivery. Fresh, aromatic and just out of oven food gets delivered to your place! Menus depend upon the categories and the real photos of the food are also there. They also provide groceries, pharmaceuticals and flowers.Talabat even offers free delivery depending upon the region from 0 to 10 QR. The Payment options available are Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, it gives the advance order option as well


Do you want to have healthy food and need to search for it or are you allergic to some food types and want food accordingly? then AKLY is the definite choice! It's a really fantastic tool that focuses on the healthy and nutritious food options for delivery in whole Qatar. Aside from healthy meals on-demand, it also gives the option to subscribe to a monthly subscription where they have ready made plans through which you can achieve your diet goals. Through the app, you can also calculate your BMI, add your food preferences and allergens, and maintain your profile through which the food preferences are offered to you. The app efficiently tells users about dish details, nutrient info, allergens and even the ingredients of every dish, so you can make informed decisions according to your health. Order tracking is also available. Payment options available are Cash or Card on delivery and Debit/Credit Card ,the Delivery fee varies from 0 - 10 QR with Pickup option available.


Snoonu ranks among the fastest food as well as other shopping delivery apps in Qatar. It has its specialization in food delivery, grocery shopping and delivery, document delivery, delivery for home-based businesses, household shopping and delivery, parcels, flowers, and gift delivery, and personal errands service. if you are looking for even more personalised service, you make a call as well. It delivers healthy, fresh and up to the mark well packaged food quickly. The diverse varieties and options makes it a really ideal choice for ordering. The Payment options are Cash, Credit Card with the Delivery Fee being 0 - 10 QR depending upon location.


Rafeeq is a local Qatari food delivery platform that not only offers a range of foods from diverse restaurants but it also offers an on-demand courier service aside from online food delivery service. These services are both delivered by their in-house fleet of cars, motorcycles, and drivers hired. It doesn't have a minimum charge and also gives the facility of live tracker through which you can know how far is your food from you in Doha. The offers provided by the vendors can not just be viewed rather customised with your own preferences, tracked and get delivered with just a few clicks. Unlike the other apps, Rafeeq also possesses a Loyalty program that allows you to collect points upon ordering to be redeemed on future orders. These points help you in gaining free meals, gift cards, prepaid cards, and a lot more! it also delivers grocery, pharmacy, flowers, Market (Toys, Gadgets, Perfumes, etc.) from Al-Meera. The payment options available are Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallet whereas the delivery Fee varies with the location from 0 - 10 QR.


Another really fast, efficient and rapidly growing service in the Middle East is carriage, currently operating in 6 countries of GCC, it is one of the fastest food platforms in Qatar with an aim to provide the best meals, It has more than 2000 restaurants and various types of cuisines are available over the app. Aside from food it offers Flowers, Grocery, Electronics & Games, Pharmacies, Pet Supplies, Health Supplement, Optics, Cosmetics & Perfumes, and Baby Supplies as well. The app works similar to Talabat, in which you can filter restaurants in your area based on your preference and orders can be tracked thanks to GPS live tracking. Both the apps Carriage and Talabat are part of the Delivery Hero group which is also operational as an online food delivery service worldwide! The Payment options available are Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card it also gives the choice of Advance order , and the delivery Fee ranges from 0 - 10 QR depending on location.

Doha, the capital is becoming an epicentre for many tourist visits and thus causes an increase in the demands of food delivery services at various places there as well which makes the app grow and flourish rapidly yet efficiently as well! The deliveries through all these top 5 apps are really quick with the food as fresh as out of the oven , well-packaged and on time delivery service to keep the cravings fulfilled and the hungry times overjoyed with lovely food at your doorstep!