24 hours in Doha, and these are the things you can’t miss!

Qatar is another name for a really busy epicenter for all the expats out there! The capital of the country, Doha boasts a lot of the post-modern as well as the traditional beguile and charm for the tourist all around!

So if you get a 24 layover at Doha, it’s something not to be missed and be enjoyed to it’s maximum!

24 hours in Doha? These are things you definitely shouldn’t miss!!!


1.hire a taxi, fetch a bus, or have a beautiful ride with Qatar metro around the city!

Whichever is convenient to your budget you should definitely opt for it!

Taxis are available everywhere which doesn’t costs an arm and leg, the minimum fare around the airport starts from USD 7 . Doha’s bus network connects to various destinations across the city, offering a convenient transport option whereas the metro is also an accessible ride overall the city!


2. Visit the Museum of Islamic Art:

The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) is among Qatar’s most iconic and exquisite buildings which is world famous for its exotic collection of Islamic masterpieces from different Muslim countries and across three continents, reaching as far as China, India and Spain. The collection comprises precious stones, jewelry, ceramics, glass, wood, metal, textiles and manuscripts from hundreds of years ago dating from the 7th to the 20th century. Thousands and thousands of visitors pass through its doors every year to witness the marvel and splendor that make up the Islamic world through art pieces collected over the years and carefully conserved so visitors can understand the Islamic traditions, culture and heritage through the centuries.

Visiting here, would leave your artistic sense quite fulfilled and satisfied and the historic artefacts if the museum will literally make a beautiful memory!


3. Visit to the the traditional souq Wakif

Just near MIA is Qatar’s quite really famous and traditional market – Souq Waqif (which means the ‘standing market’ in Arabic).

A walk around this must-visit attraction in Qatar that isn’t to be missed, and through its twisting alleyways and labyrinth where you can buy all sorts of goods from saffron, traditional Qatari spices, nuts, perfumes, household items, traditional Qatari clothing, ready-to-wear clothes, fabrics, shoes, toys, sweet and so much more. A perfect place for window shopping! And, when you’re tired and want a bite to eat, take a seat at one of the many local restaurants and enjoy the variety of Qatari cuisines on offer, but if you’re looking for something else to soothe your hunger, there are many other international cuisines on offer, too.


4. A soothing walk around Corniche promenade

A trip to Qatar isn’t complete without a relaxing stroll along Qatar’s beautiful Corniche. The scenic beauty is a must to be enjoyed as waves crash against the shore and do let yourself dip into Doha’s spectacular skyline that will take your breath away. You can also see Orry the Oryx, one of Qatar’s iconic landmarks that stands tall over the Corniche and was the official mascot at the Asian Games 2006 held in Doha.


As you drive or walk done the Corniche Promenade, Amiri Diwan which is the seat of the government can also be seen from where Qatar’s Amir His Highness (H.H.) Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani leads the country on the opposite side.it’s a beautiful and lovely place to for sight-seeing and soothing walk.


Note: The Amiri Diwan is not open to the public, and taking pictures of it is also prohibited.


5. Go board on the traditional Dhow cruise.

Along the Corniche, you will see a number of boats called Dhows which are traditional sailing boats mainly used in the Arab region.itbwas a wonderful ride along the Arabian Gulf,with an exquisite dinner option available as well, If you have a little bit of time, you can book dinner on a Dhow cruise, otherwise, you can enjoy a 20-minute trip on a Dhow, taking in the beautiful scenery and skyline of Doha. Ask the Dhow captain to blast your favourite songs as the boat sails across the waters of the Arabian Gulf!


6.Walk around The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar is a man-made island off the West Bay coast featuring Mediterranean-style yacht-lined marinas, upmarket residential towers, villas and internationally renowned hotels, as well as luxury shopping at top brand name boutiques and showrooms. It’s a really popular and appetizing dining spot with dozens of restaurants, its waterfront promenades are lined with the cafes and restaurants serving all range of tastes – from a refreshing ice cream to a five-star dining experience. The Pearl-Qatar is visited by thousands of tourists and visitors due to the virtue of its chic elegance, outdoor atmosphere and al fresco dining. Hence its inviting description as the ‘Arabian Riviera’.


7. Visit the heritage of Qatar at Katara Cultural Village

Katara (‘Valley of Cultures’) Cultural Village is one of Qatar’s most famous and popular sites to roam around and a must-visit place for visitors, and all those who want to maximize the exploration of Qatari culture . It is not only a cultural icon that signifies Qatar’s growth and development into the world of arts and culture through different creative means but it’s home to a large number of multi-cultural activities that take place in its various state-of-the-art concert halls, art exhibition galleries, theatres and its signature amphitheatre. Katara is divided into a number of different regions where visitors can walk around freely through its traditionally styled alleyways, which are known as ‘Al Fereej’ and give you the vibe that you are strolling through an old Qatari Souq with a modern feel. Katara has a lot to offer – from restaurants to cafés, festivals to concerts, symposiums to social events, performances to kid-friendly activities, beaches, and so much more.


8. Time for a visit and roam in the Villagio Mall!

Qatar is globally recognized for its shopping experience, it’s a huge really famous mall with over 200 stores including a lot of famous brands world wide. There’s also a lovely canal in the mall as a tourist attraction. It’s a place to capture best memories! From budget to luxury, there are options aplenty. Clothing to jewellery, quick bites to leisurely meals, movies or theme parks, Villaggio is a one-stop family friendly destination. It has plenty of entertainment for all ages which makes it to be on the bucket list while at Qatar!